Today i am sharing some of my favorites lately with you. I have 6 different products.


First up my Victoria’s secret hydrating body lotion in Pure Seduction. This body lotion is amazing and smells amazing as well.


My Trusty Vitalumiere Aqua foundation from Chanel. I just love this foundation in the summer time. During the winter this foundation is a little to dark for me but during the summer it’s perfect.


My Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. This concealer is amazing at covering things up.


This white shadow from NYX is just amazing to make you look a little more awake. Sorry about the blurry picture btw.


This Catrice highlighting eyeshadow is an amazing highlighter. I just use it as a general highlighter. Best budget highlighter i have used in a while. Another nice thing about this is that it isn’t that big so you can easily take it on a trip with you.


My Smashbox Hyperlash mascara, i just love it. This mascara gives my lashes a lot of length even with just one layer.

These where my favorites, sorry about a few pictures that they are a little blurry. I am still getting used to my new camera and clearly i thought i was focussing on the right point when that wasn’t the truth.

♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body lotion.


I own a lot of body sprays from victoria’s secret but i never tried their body lotions before.


The body lotions from Victoria’s secret come in a big and a small bottle so you can take it with you easily.

The body lotion itself is rich but gets into your skin pretty fast. You don’t need much, a little goes a long way with this body lotion.


♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

NYX Suede lipliner in Cannes.

Okay this will be the last one for a while. It’s another NYX Suede matte lip liner.


This time i went for Cannes. I don’t own the Soft matte lip cream that matches this lip liner but i also like to wear these lipliners as a lipstick on their own.


This lipliner is a nice everyday colour if you want a nude that isn’t to light.


PS: These are the last pictures taken on my Sony A65 the next ones will be taken with my new Canon 5D Mark IV.

♥Lots of love, Nicole♥

NYX Suede Lipliner in Stockholm.

Yes another NYX product. I just love there products and now that i can buy them in store i just have to have a few products of them.


This time i went for a few lipliners of them. This is the first one i bought this time. It’s the NYX Suede matte lipliner in Stockholm.


I already own the Soft Matte lip cream in the colour Stockholm so when i saw that there is a matching lipliner i had to get it.


These lipliners match most of the soft matte lip creams so if you own one of those and you want a matching lipliner you might as well check these lipliners out.

PS: these pictures are taken before i had my new camera.

♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

MY NEW CAMERA!! Canon 5d Mark IV


I finally got my new camera! For my photography study i needed a new camera. I went for the Canon 5D mark IV.


Why Canon? i have had a Sony for years now and i have to say that i like their camera’s. When i was buying my Sony years ago i was debating between a Canon and the Sony. I tested it out and the Sony was more advanced in it’s price range than the Canon camera that’s why i went for the Sony back then.

At my school they have a partnership with Canon that’s why school has everything from Canon. When i started my photography study this camera was good enough for the first year but now that i am on to the second year it’s just not advanced enough. For the next 3 years you do need a full frame camera and my Sony just isn’t full frame. You can choose to borrow full frame camera’s at school but if you need to work on pictures at home you just don’t have one, that’s why i decided to get one my own.


With a full frame camera you don’t really get a kit lens. That’s why i got 2 lenses. I can’t use my Sony lenses on my Canon body.

First up i got the 50MM 1.4 lens. This is an awesome lens for product pictures or portraits. I got the 1.4 and not the nifty 1.8 because the 1.8 just has issues with focussing.


Second up i got the 24-70MM F2.8 lens from Tokina.

♥Lots of Love♥

Smashbox hyperlash mascara.

I love the Benefit mascaras but wanted to try a new one. I went for the Smashbox Hyperlash mascara.


The smashbox Hyperlash mascara gives your lashes a lot of length. This mascara doesn’t really give a lot of volume, but i don’t need that i need length.


The mascara comes in a classic black packaging with white lettering.


It’s a silicone brush, this means that it can separate your lashes very good and give them length.

♥Lots of Love,Nicole♥