Hey guys, here i am again. contacted me if i liked the idea of one of my own photos on my walls. Of course i liked that idea and ordered one of my photos on canvas. is a online webshop where you find a lot (and if i say a lot i mean basically a ton of products) that you can customize with your own photo on it. Do you want a phone case with a picture of your dog on it or a photo on wood it’s possible.


i chose one of my photos that i took on The Veluwe. There you have all these fields just full of these purple flowers.


I chose my picture on the 20×30/30×20 canvas. This is just the perfect size for my room. Not too big but not too small.


Making one of these canvasses yourself is pretty easy. You just log in at, Choose your size or even a different product, select and edit your photo in the photo editor and finish the order. That’s how easy it is.

The delivery was really fast just a few days after ordering my canvas was hanging on my wall. The product itself looks amazing (not just because one of my own pictures are on it hahaha). There are no weird bumps or anything like that on the canvas which i saw on other canvasses before. You even get a place on the back that you can use hanging your canvas on the wall, really easy.

If you want to make one of these canvasses yourself  Just click here and you will go directly to the page full of options for your own photo on canvas.

♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

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