MY NEW CAMERA!! Canon 5d Mark IV


I finally got my new camera! For my photography study i needed a new camera. I went for the Canon 5D mark IV.


Why Canon? i have had a Sony for years now and i have to say that i like their camera’s. When i was buying my Sony years ago i was debating between a Canon and the Sony. I tested it out and the Sony was more advanced in it’s price range than the Canon camera that’s why i went for the Sony back then.

At my school they have a partnership with Canon that’s why school has everything from Canon. When i started my photography study this camera was good enough for the first year but now that i am on to the second year it’s just not advanced enough. For the next 3 years you do need a full frame camera and my Sony just isn’t full frame. You can choose to borrow full frame camera’s at school but if you need to work on pictures at home you just don’t have one, that’s why i decided to get one my own.


With a full frame camera you don’t really get a kit lens. That’s why i got 2 lenses. I can’t use my Sony lenses on my Canon body.

First up i got the 50MM 1.4 lens. This is an awesome lens for product pictures or portraits. I got the 1.4 and not the nifty 1.8 because the 1.8 just has issues with focussing.


Second up i got the 24-70MM F2.8 lens from Tokina.

♥Lots of Love♥

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