NYX Mono eyeshadow in Naked Truth.

My first Mono shadow ever. I won’t even use it for eyeshadow, or maybe i will sometimes. My first perp use will be contour/bronzer. My skin is very light and most contour/bronzers are to orange or dark for me.


This shadow is just a light brown colour with a cool tone. I thought this one would be perfect for contour with my light skin.


How cute is this! The packaging looks very simple at first but when you try to open it up it opens at a bow. I think this is just the cutest detail ever, love it.


As you can see it’s just a basic light brown, cool toned eyeshadow that is perfect for contouring is you have a very light skin like i have, so this is a tip for everyone with a light skin or just if your looking for a cool toned bronzer. They have these cool toned brown shadows in darker tones as well so if this one is to light for you just go and take a look at your local NYX counter and find your perfect colour.

♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

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