Me as blogger TAG.

I saw this tag a while ago at Vera Camilla a Dutch blogger and thought i would answer the questions myself. I have done this tag 2 years ago already but i thought why not do it again since i have grown since then.


Where do i get my inspiration from?

Mostly from pinterest or just the products that i buy. I mostly just write reviews so that’s easy you don’t really need a lot of inspiration for it.

What do you eat or drink during blogging?

At the moment i am eating Tony Chocolonely Caramel Seasalt i love that. But most of the times it’s just very boring and i am eating an apple or something like that. Drinks i go for during the day are sugar free sirop, fruity water or coffee.

If you make a recap of your blog year, when do you start?

uhmmm i don’t really make those so i don’t really start on them. Maybe a little bit boring but i just never make them.


What’s one thing you have learned during blogging?

I think that it is not that bad if a blog post comes online to late or not even online. Sometimes you are just to busy with school and i can’t make a blog post on time. Most on the time if that happens i write a little sorry post on my blog so that everyone knows i don’t have a blog post coming online that day.

What’s your best moment of the day to write blog posts?

mostly during the afternoon on a Saturday.  Most of the days during the week i have class till 16:30 so i don’t really have time to do it during the week and on Sundays i work. And you do have to take your photo’s on time, photos taken with a flash just don’t really look good and i don’t have a studio yet ( i do hope i have one in a few years)

What’s something you would like to accomplish with your blog?

I don’t really have to accomplish anything. I just like it to write on my own little piece of the internet.

Do you feel insecure sometimes after posting something on your blog?

No, i don’t really feel insecure after posting a blogpost. Maybe i did a little after posting my first one but these days i never feel insecure about posting it.


Do you have contact with other bloggers?

No not really. It’s not like i have met a lot of other bloggers since i have started my own blog.

What kind of music are you listening to during blogging?

That depends. It goes from Kensington ( a Dutch band) to Blink 182 or even Harry Styles so that’s always different. At the moment i am listening to Kensington – Fiji one of their new songs.

On what day do you write most of your articles?

Saturday, that’s mostly the day i have some free time for writing my posts. Other days i am at school or work. Sometimes i start writing a post at school if i come up with a idea and just save it as a concept so i can work on it on a Saturday.

What’s the article that you’re most proud of?

Uhmm, i don’t know. It’s not like i write the most special articles for my blog. I mostly just write down my opinion on products so that’s not that special.

Why would someone have to start blogging?

 I just think it’s fun. You get to write down whatever you want on your personal space on the internet. You can do whatever you want, you can write about what you like.


♥Lots of Love,Nicole♥


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