Brush cleaning hack.

I bet you already heard or saw them. These tools that you can use to clean your brushes with. Most of the makeup brands have one. A cleansing tool/egg. A tool with structure to it that suppose to clean your brushes faster and better.


The ones from makeup brands can be quite expensive. That’s why i was surprised when i saw this little one at my local drugstore. As soon as i saw it i wanted to try it out.


I used it with a little bit of soap. I use baby shampoo most of the time to clean my brushes. After that i wet the brush that i want to clean and rub it onto the cleaning egg. This gets all the dirt out. After the brush is clean i rinse it with water.


I let them dry on a clean towel near a window that is opened and they are ready to use the next day.

♥Lots of love, Nicole♥

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