Just a little school update.


As a lot of you guys know i study Photography. Or shall i say i am in my first year which is a all round year where you get almost everything my school offers. After the first year you can choose your 3 year specialization. For that specialization you need good grades and a positive advise.

In my year there are 4 semesters. The first one is get to know the school and from the second one on you get a advise from the teachers whether or not you are allowed to do the specialization you want to do. The second semester i had a positive advise.

This semester you had to make a portfolio and have a talk with the teacher from your specialization. That was a lot more serious than the last semester. Yesterday i had my talk and showed my portfolio and it’s save to say i had another positive advise for my Photography specialization.

♥Lots of Love,Nicole♥

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