April Favorites.

April is over and it’s time for May. This month i decided to share my favorites again. it’s a long time since i have done one and i thought it was time for one again.


First up my Kiko Smart lipsticks. I love these. These are sheer lipsticks that are very moisturizing to your lips but still add a little bit of color to your lips.


Second up my MAC Highlighter in Beaming Blush. This has been a favorite of mine the last few months i hardly ever wear a different highlighter. Most of the days i just grab this one quick and put it on.


My trusty Benefit Hoola bronzer. I use this one daily and i love it. I would love to try the new one out the Hole light. Since i use it that often i even hit pan.


This brush from Ecotools is my next favorite. This one is from a celebration set that i got a few weeks ago. This brush is a perfect example of using it for something different than the name saids. The brush is meant for foundation but i use it for bronzer. I just think this is the best brush i ever tried for bronzer.


Last but not least my favorite brow combo lately. I love to shape my brows by using the Anastasia brow wiz and after that i fill them in with the Anastasia brow powder duo.

These are all of my favorites lately. What’s your favorite product lately?

♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

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