My skincare routine.


My skincare routine usually changes a lot but recently i have a routine that i stick with.




First up the Louis Widmer cleansing milk. This is a soft milk that you massage into your skin with a little bit of water. I use it in the morning to wake me up and use it during the night to get rid of my makeup.


Next up my Garnier Tonic. I switch between the two of them, it depends on which one i have at the moment.

I use this during the night to get rid of the left over makeup.


Every night i use the Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream after cleansing my skin. This cream is not oil based so it doesn’t make me brake out.


These are the products i use daily. I use products that are not oil bases. This because it makes my skin brake out. I used to use products from Garnier but they had a lot of oily products in them. I still use one of their products that is not fully based on oils. My skin has been much better since using these products.

♥Lots of Love,Nicole♥


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