Kiko Smart lipsticks.

Last week we rented a studio at my school to take some pictures. I still had some products i had to take photos of so i took the products with me to school.


First up where these Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lipsticks.


I have the lipstick in 3 different colors. I have number 420, 405 and 403. These are all nude colors but they are all different.


Here you see the colors. The lipstick is pretty sheen if you put it on so the colors are never as bright as you see them in the packaging. The lipsticks are also very highdrating and won’t dry out your lips. Since they are so moisturizing to your lips they don’t have that much pigment to them. Yet you can get matching lipliners and the lipstick will stay on much longer. By itself the lipstick stays on about 2 hours.


I love these lipsticks. They are very moisturizing yet they still add a little bit of color to your lips. Another nice thing is that they are budget proof.

♥Lots of Love, Nicole♥

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