8 things i can’t live without.


Today i will share my 10 things i can’t live without.

1.Ofcourse insuline.

  • I have been a diabetic since August 2013 so 3,5 years now. This means i can’t live without injection myself with insulin a few times a day.

2.My MacBook.

  • I do everything on this thing, watching Youtube, working for school, my blog, etc.

3. My camera.

  • I am a photography student so i can’t live without my camera.

logo facebook fotografie nicole

4. My phone.

  • I know it’s bad 3 out of the 4 things until now are digital but it’s true. Now these days you can’t live without your phone. Everyone arounds you has one and is using it.


  • I love it. That just says enough i think.

6. Coffee.

  • I start my day every morning with a cup of coffee.dsc01159

7. My Dr. Martens.

  • I have them for 4 years now and i still love them. I recently got a new pair of Dr. Martens. After you got thru the pain of the first times wearing them they are just perfect.

8. Music.

  • I love music i’m always listening to music. Even at the moment of writing this article.

What are the things you can’t live without?

♥Lots of Love♥



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