Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Do you ever see an outfit on someone or just pieces of clothing in store and think ‘ I can never wear that ‘. I do. I get that every time i shop. I see beautiful things and daring things that i love but i just don’t have the confidence to try them on.

Dia&Co challenged me to try on that outfit that i always wanted to wear but was to scared to try. I always see beautiful girls wearing and rocking those t-shirt dresses. I am just to scared to try it out. I have a ‘long t-shirt’ aka a t-shirt dress. I always just wear it with jeans and tuck the t-shirt into my jeans. I challenged myself to wear it as a dress for a day.


Here you see me wearing a t-shirt dress from Brandy Melville, Monki tights, Primark leather jacket, a scarf that i stole from my sister and my new Dr. Martens.

I have to say at first i didn’t feel confident wearing this outfit but the later on in the day it got the more i didn’t mind me wearing the dress. I actually loved it.

Now that Dia&Co challenged me wearing an outfit that i loved but just never had the confidence to wear i challenge you guys to just try that shirt on that you love but you think wouldn’t sooth you or just try on that outfit that you liked on Instagram or pinned at Pinterest.

Whatever it is just wear the things you like and wear it with confidence. If you like it just wear it and don’t mind what other people say, you have to wear it not them.

♥Lots of love♥

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