Chanel Coco Noir Eau De Parfum.


I have got myself a new perfume. I only have two expensive perfumes and i wanted a new one for a pretty long time now. I decided to pop into the shop and smell a few perfumes. I smelled this one at the beginning but came back to it every time i smelled a different perfume. That’s when i decided to get this one.


I went for the Coco Chanel Noir Eau De Parfum. I got it in the 35 ml size. This is a strong perfume that i like to spray on just one spray on my body and you smell it all day. That’s why i decided to get it in the smallest version.


The smell is just a classic women smell. A little bit more adult than most of my perfumes. The other ones are more floral than this one. It’s a perfect warm perfume.


Let’s talk about the bottle. It’s a classic black bottle with gold details. The lettering and the Chanel logo are white. Very classic and it looks amazing on your dressing table. It looks like pure luxury.

What is your favorite luxury perfume?

♥Lots of Love♥

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