My high end foundations.


At the moment i have 3 high end foundations in my stash. Today i will show you all 3.

The 3 foundations i have at the moment are Chanel Vitaluniere Aqua, Urban Decay Naked Skin and Urban Decay All Nighter.


2 out of 3 are to dark for me right now since i bought them in summer time. My Urban Decay naked skin and the Chanel foundation are to dark for me at the moment. In the winter time i like a little bit more coverage so that’s my Urban Decay All Nighter full coverage foundation. The two other ones are light to medium coverage. In the summer time i don’t like to wear a thick layer of foundation on my skin.


The Urban Decay foundations have a nice pump. This is very easy to use. The Chanel foundation doesn’t have a pump so you just have to squeeze something out.

These are my high end foundations at the moment.

♥Lots of Love♥


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