The best things i bought in 2016.

Today a blog post about my favorite things that i bought in 2016. I bought a lot last year, let’s see what my favorites are.

First up my Michael Kors bag. It’s the Jet Set Travel Crossbody bag in Black Leather.

I was looking for a small bag. All the nice ones i saw were weird colors. For the fun i walked into the Michael Kors store in Utrecht not really intending to buy something. Of course i had to walk out with a bag. I still love it, it’s a timeless small bag.


Second up my camerabag. I use this one for school when i need to bring my camera, lenses and laptop. This bag is very big but everything fits in it.


Last but not least my Michael Kors wallet. I bought it just before my birthday when it was on sale. I wanted a good wallet for a long time but found them very expensive. When i saw this one in store it had silver hardware. When i asked if they still had it with gold hardware she said they sold it online and it was on sale there.


♥Lots of Love♥

PS: What’s the best thing you bought last year?

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