My top 5 beauty products of all time.

Everyone has them, their favorite beauty products they can’t live without. when they are running out you go and buy a new one. Today i will share my top 5 beauty products i buy over and over again.

1.Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream.

I use this stuff daily. I put it on before applying my makeup. This hydrates my face but also primes my face at the same time. this means i don’t have to use a other primer that is full of silicones and will make my skin brake out.


2. Catrice loose face powder.

This stuff is amazing . I use it in a combination with my MAC Blotting powder. I use the Catrice powder under my eyes and my t-zone. It makes my skin matte all day.


3. Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer.

This stuff is amazing. It’s full coverage and it doesn’t go in your lines. Together with the loose powder they are the perfect match and they are budget proof. What else do you want.


4 Urban Decay All nighter fixing spray.

This locks your makeup into place and you are ready to go all day or all night.


5. Urban Decay Naked skin Foundation.

This foundation is my all time favorite in the summer, during the winter i like to mix it with my concealer to make it my skin tone and a little bit more coverage.


These are my all time favorite beauty products that i would buy again and again. In fact i have done that to a few of them.

What is your all time favorite product that you can’t live without and buy over and over again.

♥Lots of Love♥

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