How i take my product pictures.


Today i am going to show you how i take my product pictures. The last few weeks/months i have tried to improve my product pictures for you guys. At school i learned more about camera settings and at home i try a lot of things to see what works for me.

First of all this is what i am using:

-Technical stuff:

  • Camera: Sony A65
  • Lenses: Tamron 16-300mm or sometimes the 18-55mm lens that came with my camera.
  • Lights: Natural light
  • Laptop: Macbook Pro 13 inch
  • Selecting pictures: Lightroom
  • Editting: Photoshop

-Other stuff:

  • Tape; (the one that you use during painting, this so it comes off easy)
  • Paper; I bought a block full of paper in different colors.
  • Tape; Normal tape you use for paper and stuff, this for sticking round products down so they don’t move and stay as i want them to
  • Other props; Like dried flowers or something to fill up the photo if it’s a small product.


Now on to how i take them:

I normally take pictures for a few post on a day since i don’t have time for them during the week cause of school so i normally take them on a Saturday.

Step 1: Analyzing the products i want to photograph and how i am going to do that.

Putting all the products i want to photograph on my bed so i can see them all good. After that i see what colors of paper i want to use. I check combination and see if they fit right with the product. For example if the product is blue but my blue paper is different and doesn’t fit right with the product i choose something like just white paper.


Step 2: Building up the little set/studio.

I move away everything that’s in the way like my Tv. I clean it with a towel so no dust is to be seen. After that i lay down the paper, i hang one up on the wall using a little piece of tape, the other one is laying on my tv stand against the hanging piece. This is my little studio. Here i see how i am going to put my product down. I move it around to see how i want it.


Step 3: The pictures.

I take the pictures in Manual and photograph RAW. Your settings are in your hand if you take the pictures in Manual.. This is the best tip i can give you photograph in RAW and Manual this way you learn about your camera and photography the best. I try different angles and take enough pictures and check if they are in focus.


Step 4: Selecting the pictures.

When i put my card in my laptop i open them up with Lightroom, a program from Adobe. Here you can select your pictures that you want to edit and post. A fun thing is that you van see your settings for every picture.


Step 5: Editing the pictures.

After selecting the pictures in Lightroom i open them up in Photoshop another Adobe program. Here i edit the pictures a little bit. I mainly only use the spot healing tool. This way you can remove little pieces of dust or product that has spelled. That i most of the time the only thing i do to my product pictures.


♥Lots of love♥


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