Luxury Addict tag

I like to invest in good and beautiful pieces, like bags, wallets, clothes, etc. Some people at school call me spoiled even tho i pay for everything myself. Look at her with her Michael Kors wallet. I just like to invest in things like that. That’s why i decided to do the Luxury Addict tag. Let’s get on to the questions.


1.The first designer thing you bought?

  • The first thing i bought was a jumper from Ralph Lauren. It’s a dark blue jumper that i love, i wear it all the time. I bought it in 2015.

2. What is your best investment?

  • My Michael Kors bag that i bought in March 2016. I use it all the time.

3. The most important thing when you buy a designer piece?

  • I think about if i need it or not, how much wear would i get out of it. I personally go with colors like black, blue and brown. Natural colors that you can combine easily. This way i know that i will get a lot of wear of out it.

4. Do you regret a purchase?

  • Until now i don’t have anything i regret. I love all my designer pieces.

5. Have you ever bought anything and regretted it afterwards?

  • No i haven’t.


6. Is there a designer piece everyone should have?

  • No, i personally think it’s something you don’t necessarily need. It’s just a little gift if you have it, but you don’t need it.

If you have the budget to buy a designer piece just buy something you like.

7.  Which designer piece is overhyped?

  • I don’t know, just wear what you like even if everyone has it. I don’t mind if everyone walks in the same designer boots or has the same bag. As long as they like it.

8. What’s on top of your wishlist?

  • The neverfull from Louis Voitton. It’s just an nice bag. It fits everything and that’s what i love about that bag.

These where all the questions from the Luxury Addict tag. What’s on top of your wishlist?

♥Lots of Love♥


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