A letter to my college self…..

Dear Nicole,

You probably think i’m crazy now, writing a letter to you. You know i learnt a lot during college i hope you understand that, you probably think yeah right learning a lot at college. But you did.

Like making a planning, the thing you hate doing but believe me you use it a lot now. You have a lot to do at your new study, and yeah you are still studying. You study photography now. But anyways there are a lot of things you wish you knew about college life while studying business administration. Another thing is managing your money, only working ones a week. Do i go shopping this weekend or buy that sandwich at school. Believe me you had a few times where you did buy that sandwich and wish you didn’t buy it that weekend because you saw an awesome t-shirt that you couldn’t effort. If you brought sandwiches from home you don’t have to throw them away for that sandwich at school, the one you brought is good as well.Believe me, making these little sacrifices will pay off in the end. If you had student loans you could use the money you saved during college to help pay them off or you could look into student loan refinancing options to help lower your payments.

The thing i like to say is just relax and don’t overthink everything. I know you do that. You can treat yourself ones but remember to save up some money every month so if you see something nice during shopping you can effort it. The thing you do now is saving up half of the money you earned and the rest is for bills like your phone and health insurance and what’s left is for fun stuff and now and then a sandwich. BTW they are way better now at a food hall across your new school so just eat that sandwich dad made for you 😉

Enjoy this time and get thru because everything will get better, another thing you learnt listening to yourself to make the right choice.


The future you….


What is the thing you wish you knew during college time?

♥Lots of Love♥

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