My week in pictures #7

Another week went by…..

Monday: On Monday i had a day off from school so i went shopping in Eindhoven. Before we got on the train home we had a coffee at Starbucks. The red cups are back!! (even tho you don’t see it since the picture is black and white)


Tuesday: This is what my dressing table looks like after i did my makeup. Because i have my High End makeup in the bag it looks pretty tidy. It normally looks worse with the makeup all over the place like the brushes.


Tuesday evening: For school we had to visit Glow. Light shows around the city of Eindhoven.


Thursday: This night i took pictures at a festival called Popronde. These are just two of the pictures i took.


Friday: Today i edited all the pictures i took the night before. I also cleaned my room and took pictures for my blog.


Saturday: Today it was cleaning time for my brushes again.


Oepssss….. This post had to go up last Monday but for some reason something went wrong, so here it is.

♥Lots of Love♥



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