My sisters makeup basket.

A while ago i did a what’s in my sisters makeup bag. Since then she started to get into makeup more and has better and more makeup now. That’s why i decided to do a updated version today.


This is the basket she keeps her makeup in.


These are her brushes and tools. She uses her ‘beauty blender’ for her bb cream and concealer. The other brushes are used to do the powder and so.

She uses the maybelline bb cream (she has 2 because one is her backup). The concealer she uses is the Catrice liquid camouflage concealer. She uses two powders. She has a transparant one from essence and a powder from catrice with a little extra coverage.


She uses the shape your face contouring palette to contour, highlight and blush her face. Next to it is another concealer that she doesn’t really use anymore.

She owns 2 mascara’s. One from essence and one from Sephora. The right picture shows a liquid eyeliner. She uses this whenever she has a party.


She still uses my old eyebrow set from Catrice to fill in her brows. To set them she uses the same eyebrow gel as me from a Dutch store called Hema.


The last things in the basket are two lip balms.

♥Lots of Love♥

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