Real Techniques Foundation Brush.

As you all know i love my Real Techniques brushes. As much as i would love to own a few from the bold metal collection they don’t sell them here in The Netherlands. They do sell the other ones. I stumbled across the Foundation Brush, a different one from the one i own already.


The little hairs on the brush are close together, this way you get full coverage. The hairs are soft as always.


The brush is not fully straight. This way it’s easy to cover everything up. the tip is easy for little places like around your nose. The brush is bigger than the other Real Techniques foundation brush i own. I like it better this way. The other foundation brush from Real Techniques is easier to use for concealer or to apply a mask.


I love to use this brush on days i want a little more coverage. The brush doesn’t suck up all the foundation which i like, a lot of foundation brushes do suck up the foundation.

♥Lots of Love♥

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