How i organize my beauty products.

Makespace asked me for some tips on how i organize my favorite beauty products and i decided to share in a post!

Makespace is a company that specializes in storage. Makespace is based in a lot of different places in the U.S..

How do i organize my favorite products? I store them in the Brimnes chest of drawers (3) (the one you get when you click on the link is the 4 drawers one but i have the 3 drawers one but i couldn’t find it.)


I did put a few of drawer dividers in there to organize my products.


This is on top of the chest of drawers. I have a limited edition box from Benefit full of samples. Two pots for plants, one with cotton pads and the other one for my brushes. the left over things on top of the chest of drawers are:

  • Shower gel, treacle moon.
  • Shampoo, Zwitsal
  • Deodorant, Dove
  • Lush container
  • Real techniques, Miracle complexion sponge
  • Cotton tips
  • Little towel
  • Tangle teezer.


This is the first drawer. In here i store my makeup, perfumes, hair products.

I use the dividers from Ikea to put the products in different categories.

  • My perfumes/cleansers
  • eyeshadow/blushes,highlighters
  • lipsticks (tip, i put them in a position where i can see the color this makes it easier to choose a color in the morning.)
  • daily makeup
  • Hair products
  • in the back i have a few spares of cotton pads and a box from my Mar Jacobs perfume.


The second drawer. Here i store my:

  • my back up products
  • products that are opened but i don’t use them that often.
  • Makeup bags.
  • Curling wand and straightener. (a 2 in 1)
  • My mini’s that i take with me on holiday.
  • Empty products (comment if you would like to see an article on those)
  • Towels that i use to dry my brushes on.


The last drawer is full of t-shirts, etc.

  • two piles of tops to wear in bed
  • A pile with crop tops
  • A pile with my shorts
  • A pile with my t-shirts with my black Calvin Klein bra on top.
  • My big Victoria’s Secret body splashes

This is how i store my favorite products. How do you store your favorite products?

If you live in the U.S. and you need a place to store your products/furniture/etc. check out the Makespace website to see if they store in the place you live.

♥Lots of Love♥

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