My week in pictures #3

Week 3 already. This week i included a picture from Sunday as well. Most of the times i don’t have pictures from this day since i will be working a 10 hour shift.


Sunday: Today i worked from 12 o’clock to 22 o’clock. I started my day at work with a cappuccino after being stuck in traffic for half an hour.


Tuesday: I had to photograph 15 things that look like a face for school. This is one of my photo’s for this project.


Wednesday: I had to make something that looks like smoke for a schoolproject. I took some cotton pads tore them apart and made them look like smoke with the help of black eyeshadow.


Thursday: The day of the schoolproject where i had to make the smoke for. It was a stop motion with clay. Our pirate was made of clay but you don’t see him in this picture.


Friday: This evening i volunteered at the Popronde festival. This is a festival that travels thru The Netherlands. Friday it was held in the city i live in. I was a stage manager for two locations. This is one of the bands that played at one of my location. This is the band Palmsy.


Saturday: Today i had to clean my room. Not fun but it has to happen.

This was the third my week in pictures.

♥Lots of Love♥

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