My week in pictures #1.

Today i have the very first My week in pictures for you guys. I love watching these so i thought let’s do it myself.


The first picture is something i made in photoshop class. We had to mix two things and make it one. I decided to mix a guitar and drum sticks.


The second one is in programming class, this is a one week class that i had this week. I had to make a paint (the windows program) in scratch.


Then my view most of the nights when i get home from school. My laptop, mouse and most of the time my process book that i didn’t need for the class that i was doing at the moment of the picture.


The fun way to start your weekend. When i came home from school last Friday my MAC order arrived. I just got the MAC pressed blot powder again. This is the third one.


Of course i was working on this post. This is normally how i spend my Saturdays.

♥Lots of Love♥

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