First weeks of college.

I just had my first official week of college. The first week was just getting to know each other better. The second week was the first official week with lessons.


The first week was a lot of fun. The first day we had little conversations with each other and you switched every 3 minutes. The second day we had a little assignment where you had to take a picture of yourself in a group. The third day we had a sports day. The last day we had a quest. We had to search for different buildings around the city and take a picture in front of the building. Friday we had a day off.

The second week we started with lessons. We just have two lessons a day. One class of 3,5 hours in the morning, than lunchbreak and another 3,5 hours of lessons. I don’t really have any books. I have my dummy and my laptop and that’s it. My dummy and laptop are the most important things in my school. Because we only have two lessons/ classes a day the day goes by very fast.

♥Lots of Love♥

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