Blogger Dilemma Tag.


I saw this tag at the Dutch blog of  Vera Camilla and decided to translate the questions to English and answer them myself.

1.Never use text or never use pictures on your blog?

  • I think never use text, if it was just words i think a lot of people wouldn’t find it interesting anymore and if it’s just pictures you can at least see the products.

2.Always cry when you visit your blog or always have to wait for 30 minutes before you can open your blog?

  • I think i rader wait for 30 minutes because a lot of times the internet at home is so slow you have to wait a long time before it loads anything so i am used to waiting sometimes.

3.Your blog is mainly ads or je are not aloud to answer any of the comments you get on your blog?

  • I think my blog is mainly ads. Ads can give you the opportunity to make money with your blog.

4.No social media or no mail box.

  • No mail box, i check my social media a few times a day every day and there are days i forget to check my mail box.

5.Your pictures are blurry or you always have to use black lines between your sentences on your blog?

  • Always having to use black lines between your sentences. Like i said in my answer on the first question, the pictures are very important in a blogpost to me.


6.Your article is visible for maximum 12 hours or your just aloud to blog for 2 hours a week.

-This is a hard one but i think i will go with the first one.

7.Your not aloud to share something personal or your layout is simple and white.

  • Layout simple and white. It will bring out the pictures in articles so it’s not a big deal to have a simple and white layout to me.

8.Wordpress or Blogger doesn’t stop any spam or bloglovin’ doesn’t work?

  • Bloglovin’ doesn’t work. I never really look at it and i think it has had it’s best time.

9.Your article always has to rhyme or your always hearing negative things in you head whilst writing an article?

  • I think the second one, i am so bad at rhymes so i would just fail big time.

10.You have to advertise on your blog to everyone your talking to or you have to wear a t-shirt that says: Visite my blog (name of your blog) every day.

  • I think i would rader wear a t-shirt every day instead of having to say it to everyone your speaking with every day.


These where the questions to the Blogger Dilemma Tag. Feel free to answer the questions yourself, leave me a comment if you did i would like to see what your answers are.

♥Lots of Love♥

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