What’s in my toilet bag – summer holiday edition

Today i will show you what i am taking with me in my toilet bag to Austria and Italy this summer. I already did one a few weeks ago when i went to Germany for a weekend. This is what i am taking with me when i am away for a few weeks.

The toilet bag i am taking with me this time is this big one from Primark. I got it a few years ago.


The products i am taking are most likely mini’s of products so i don’t have to carry all the big bottles with me. Some things are not in here (yet) because i still have to get them or my parents will take them.


I will divide everything into categories. First up is Makeup removing things.


  • Garnier Waterproof eye makeup remover.
  • Mini Garnier Micellar water.
  • Cotton Pads.


  • Razor
  • Shaving gel from Rituals.


  • two mini toothpastes. (still have to get a new tooth brush for on holiday)


  • Lush The Comforter shower cream. (smallest version)
  • Mini Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body lotion.
  • Rituals Hand scrub.


  • Dove deodorant.
  • Bag full of mini/test perfumes.


  • A small bag with hair ties.
  • Mini Aussie miracle moist shampoo.
  • Mini Aussie Miracle dry shampoo.
  • Mini Tony & Guy dry shampoo.

This is everything in my toilet bag. Things like sunscreen is in my parents toilet bag. I will take my tangle teezer with me in my carry on in the car. Also today there will be two posts this is the first one and the second one will be a video again.

♥Lots of Love♥


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