Photography gear.

Since i am going to go to college and study photography after summer break i thought it was fun to show you my photography gear.

First up my body. I have the Sony A65. I bought this body almost 2 years ago already. I can’t believe it’s actually been 2 years since i got this camera. I love how the man at the camerashop helped me pick the perfect camera for me. I was aloud to try a few ones out like this one and the Canon 700d. This camera has more settings and sony is a little more affordable comparing to Canon and Nikon.


Second up the first lens i got. It’s the standard Sony 18-55mm lens. It came with the camera 2 years ago. It’s a perfect lens for beginning with photography. I still use this one for filming my videos.


Then on to the last lens i have. i bought it almost a year ago just before we went on holiday. It’s the Tamron 16-300mm lens. I love this lens.


Last thing is my camera stand. I have the Vanguard Espod CX 203AGH.It’s just a pretty basic stand.


I am thinking about getting a 35mm or a 50mm lens. Just heard that everything from Sony is going up in price because the stuff they use to make the products is getting more expensive so that’s a down side.

♥Lots of Love♥


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