Bloggerslife Tag

I saw this tag on the internet a while ago on a dutch blog and liked it. That’s why i translated the questions in English.


1.For how long have you been blogging?

  • In May my blog turned a year old. Before this blog i had one with my best friend for a while.

2.What do you like about blogging?

  • The freedom at your own little space on the internet. You can write about everything you like.

3.What do you dislike about blogging?

  • Sometimes i just don’t have the time to blog and that’s why i normally make blogpost for a whole week in a day so i have something going up every week.

4.How many comments do you get on a article?

  • depends what kind of article it is. On posts about makeup i get more comments than a post about lifestyle.


5.What camera do you use?

  • I use the Sony A65 with a Tamron 16-300mm lens.

6.Which products do you like the most to photograph?

  • Makeup, doesn’t really matter what kind of makeup but a lovely palette or lipstick is always nice to photograph.

7. Which products do you dislike the most to photograph?

  • I don’t know i think reflecting products. It’s always a struggle to get those on camera.

8.Have you made your lay-out yourself?

  • No i didn’t, it’s a standard one from wordpress. I am thinking about making one myself after i know a little more about it after my lessons at college.

9.Do you have business cards?

  • No i don’t have them thinking about getting them.


10.How many bloggers have you met?

  • None, i know a few like people at work that blog that’s it.

11.How many events have you visited?

  • None, haven’t been invited to one yet.

12.How many articles do you have on your blog?

  • At the moment i have a little more then 200 posts online, a few where when my blog was still in Dutch.

13.How many videos have you made?

  • A lot but not every video goes online. I also had a Youtube with my best friend when we had our blog. At the moment there are 19 videos online on my Youtube but not all are on public.

That was the Bloggerslife tag. Feel free to do it yourself. Please leave a comment if you are doing the tag yourself so i can check it out.

♥Lots of Love♥

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