Favorite Face brushes.


Today i will share with you my favorite brushes to use during my face makeup. They are all from Real Techniques but that’s basically because i only own brushes from Real Techniques.


My four favorites are:

  • Blush Brush: I use this one to apply my blush with just as the brush says. The brush has the perfect shape to apply blush with.
  • Buffing brush: I use this one to apply my foundation with if i don’t use the miracle complexion sponge from Real Techniques or my beauty blender.


  • Expert face brush: This one is perfect for your foundation if you want a little bit more coverage. I use this to blend my concealer with (only on spots not under the eye)
  • Contour brush: this one is perfect for highlighter. I do use it sometimes for contour but that’s for if i want my contour to be a little bit more sharp.

These are my favorite face brushes at the moment, i am thinking about getting the Real Techniques stippling brush, has anyone tried it before?

♥Lots of Love♥

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