Favorites of the moment.


There are a few products that i like to use at the moment, today i will share them with you.


First up the InvisiBobbles. These hair grips are amazing. At work my ponytail looked like crap at the end of my shift but with these my pony tail stays in place.


Second up this lipstick from Kiko. I bought it when i was in Germany for a weekend with some friends and since then fallen in love with it.


The summery weather is on it’s way here in the Netherlands that’s why i like to use a bb cream with SPF in it on those days. This is still the best bb cream i have used. The other ones made me look orange for some reason.


Then another product i bought in Germany, the Kiko radiant touch highlighter stick. I love this one. You just pop it on and blend it in and it gives you a beautiful healthy glow during the day.


Then this old favorite is making his come back. The Yellow Totem by Kenzo. This is a perfect perfume for the summer time.


Then a deodorant that i also bought in Germany. My best friend told me that this stick is very good but very expensive in the Netherlands compared with Germany so i brought it home to test it out and it is amazing. It’s the original smell and it lasts all day even on a busy day at work.


Last favorite of this moment is this mask by Therme. It’s a 3 minute mask that really gave my skin a boost.

♥Lots of Love♥

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