40 (or actually 42) Beauty Questions Tag.

I did this tag a while ago when my blog was Dutch. I wanted to re-do it in English, so let’s go!!


♥ How often do you wash your face?

  • Every morning and evening so twice a day.

♥ What is your skin type?

  • Combination skin, my t-zone is oily and the rest is normal.

♥Which face wash do you use at the moment?

  • This one is still the same, it’s the Garnier one.

♥Do you use a scrub?

  • actually only on my lips every day and a while back i used one for my face but that only made me break out more.

♥ Which brand of scrub do you use?

  • I don’t know the brand of the face scrub that i used but my lip scrub is from Lush.

♥Which day cream do you use?

  • I use one from Garnier.

♥Do you have freckles?

  • i get a few around my nose in the summer but they are not very notable.

♥ Do you use a eye cream?

  • no i don’t.

♥ Have you ever used a ProActiv?

  • No i haven’t


♥Which foundation do you use?

  • At the moment i use 2 different ones. On sunny days i use a bb cream and other days i use a foundation from Chanel.

♥ Which concealer do you use?

  • I use a Estee Lauder one for my spots and a Benefit one for my under eye.

♥Do you know you skin tone (pink/yellow)?

  • Yes i do, i have a yellow tone.

♥What do you think of false lashes?

  • I don’t use them but i think they are to much for everyday use, for a party i am okay with it.

♥ Did you know mascara expends in 3 months?

  • yes i knew that.

♥ Which brand do you use for mascara?

  • I use Benefit they’re real.

♥Sephora or MAC?

  • I would love to say Sephora because you can shop so many brands over there but we don’t have a sephora in The Netherlands anymore so will go for MAC because you can get MAC in the Netherlands.

♥Do you have a MAC Pro card?

  • No i don’t have one i actually never heard of it in The Netherlands so i don’t know if you can get one over here.

♥ Which makeup tools do you use to apply your makeup?

  • The Beautyblender and the Real Techniques sponge and a lot of Real Technique brushes.

♥ Do you use a base or a primer for your eyes?

  • I spray makeup setting spray before and after applying my makeup.

♥Do you use a base or a primer for your face?

  • a makeup setting spray, one from Makeup Revolution or one from Urban Decay.

♥What’s your favorite eyeshadow?

  • I don’t know i think nude colors.


♥Do you use liquid eyeliner or a pencil?

  • I sometimes use a liquid eyeliner.

♥How often do you stab yourself in the eye doing your eyeliner/pencil?

  • Since i don’t use it that often i can’t remember the last time i stabbed myself in the eye.

♥What do you think about loose eyeshadow?

  • I like them it’s only a lot of work.

♥Do you use mineral makeup?

  • no i don’t.

♥What’s your favorite lipstick?

  • I don’t know i think one from MAC or one of my Chanel lipsticks.

♥And what’s your favorite lipgloss?

  • i don’t wear lipgloss i don’t like the sticky feeling.

♥What is your favorite blush?

  • i think my NARS Orgasm, i use that one the most.

♥Have you ever bought makeup at Ebay?

  • No, i have never bought anything over there.

♥Do you like drugstore makeup?

  • I do, just certain brand not all brand at the drugstore are good.

♥Do you go to CCO’s

  • No but that’s because we don’t have one in the Netherlands.

♥Have you ever thought about taking makeup classes?

  • Yes i have but they are very expensive.


♥Are you clumsy whiles applying your makeup?

  • i do have my days where i have to start over 3 times before my makeup looks a little bit okay.

♥Which makeup miss do you think is horrible?

  • I hate when girls have those foundation lines so you can see their foundation doesn’t match at all.

♥Do you like colorful makeup or neutral makeup?

  • During the day time neutral makeup and during parties i like to go with a little bit more colour.

♥Which celebrity wears nice makeup all the time?

  • i don’t know i don’t really pay attention to that.

♥If you had to leave the house with just one makeup item what would it be?

  • If i could only leave the house with one product that i could re-apply during the day it would be my powder.

♥Do you ever leave the house without makeup?

  • Yes, if i am home alone all day and need something at the supermarket i will go and get it without makeup on.

♥Do you think you look good, even without makeup?

  • i do like myself more with a little bit more makeup on but i don’t mind leaving the house without makeup on.

♥What is your favorite makeup brand?

  • I don’t know but i like a lot of the high end brands.

♥What do you think about makeup?

  • I love it, i don’t have a whole drawer full of makeup because i hate it.


These where the 42 beauty questions, feel free to fill in the tag as well. If you do please leave me a comment with the link to your answers.

♥Lots of Love♥

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