Bag Stash.

I used to have a lot of bags but i got rid of them a little ago and was left with 3 bags that i use all the time. the thing with a lot of bags is that you normally just use a few of them and you end up forgetting about the ones you never use.


The first one is this bag from Paul’s Boutique. It’s the Adel bag. It’s a black leather bag with gold details. I got this bag for my birthday last year and i still love it.


It opens and closes with magnets. The big compartment is divided in 3 with a zip pocket in the middle. The bag is perfect for meetings or occasions where you have to bring your laptop (if you have a laptop that’s 13 inch max). My macbook pro 13inch fits perfectly in the bag along with all the other items i have to bring.


The second bag is another one from Pauls Boutique. It’s the Betsy bag. It’s off white on the sides and has black leather in the middle. This is the first Pauls Boutique bag i bought.


The bag came with this cute little detail, you can buy them separately as well. The bag is actually just one big compartment. I use this bag for work. I have to bring my outfit and food to work so this bag is big enough for that.


My last bag is my Michael Kors bag that i bought in the beginning of this year. I was searching for a small bag that still fitted everything in there that i needed to bring. I didn’t want to walk around at concerts of party’s or whatever with a big bag so i bought this small Michael Kors bag.

The bag has gold details as in the name, zipper and chain. I still love this bag so much and use it almost every single day.

♥Lots of love♥


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