Away for the weekend – Toiletbag.

Today i will show you what i took with me in my toilet bag for the weekend.


This is my toilet bag that i am taking with me. It’s a clear one from Primark.


This is hair care. I washed my hair the morning that we left so i probably don’t have to wash my hair while i am there but just in case i need to i take a little shampoo with me from Etos. Next to that to get some volume and texture in my hair i take a mini dry shampoo with me from Toni & Guy.


For some moisture for my face i take a mini day cream with me from Rituals.


For in the shower i take a mini body wash with me that i got at the Disney Hotel. I also take a mini deodorant with me. This one is from Fa.


I take my toothbrush with me and a mini toothpaste from Elmex.


And last but not least i take a anti insect lotion with me and a lotion for if i did get bitten by an insect.

♥Lots of Love♥

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