My highlighter stash


Today i will share with you my highlighter stash. I don’t own that many highlighters.


These are from the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette.


Here you have some swatches from the highlighters in the palette.


These are the highlighters in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette. This palette has 3 highlighters in it as well.


Here you see the 3 highlighters that are in the palette.


In the middle you see the highlighter from the Makeup Revolution shape your face palette.


Here you see a swatch from the highlighter in the palette.


Here you see the Makeup Rovolution highlighter. It’s the Vivid Baked highlighter in Peach Lights.


Here you see the swatch of the peach lights highlighter.


Then the first liquid highlighter. It’s the Hocus Focus highlighter bij Soap & Glory.


In the front you see the highlighter before you blend it in and the shimmer in the back is the highlighter blended in.


Then my Leco Cosmetics highlighter.


In the front you see the highlighter before you blend it in. In the back you see the highlighter blended in.


Then last but not least my High Beam highlighter from Benefit. This was the very first highlighter i ever owned.


Here you see the highlighter before and after blending it in.

What is your favorite highlighter?

♥Lots of Love♥

5 thoughts on “My highlighter stash

  1. To The Gorgeous You says:

    Nice highlighters! wanna try Makeup Revolution ,but they are little expensive in India.I really like the last one ,Benefit High Beam.
    Can you suggest me a good Highlighter for medium skin tone.


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