What’s in my sisters makeup bag?


Since i got my sister more into makeup recently i took a look inside her makeup bag. This is the only makeup she owns at the moment but she would like to have more. I think it’s cute since she asks me sometimes to do her makeup and than she asks me how to do it and which products i use to do that. That made her want to save up the little money she makes with her first job to buy more makeup from.

Because she started to get more interested in makeup i donated a few things i don’t use anymore.


This is the makeup bag she uses to store her makeup in, It’s a Versace Perfume makeup bag.


First things i get out is this set. She got it at Primark a few years ago.


Than these two pencils. She got both from me because i didn’t use them. The miss Sporty one was used and the Pupa one was brand new when i gave them to her.


Then concealer. She doesn’t use foundation or a bb cream. The cute thing was that she came into my room one day to ask me to come to the drugstore with her. She didn’t say why. When we got there she walked to the makeup counters a little bit ashamed and asked me to help here pick the right colour.


She doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick so these are the only products she owns.


Nail glue because a friend gave her fake nails ones and she could use this glue if one fell off.


Then my old eyebrow kit. When she asked me how i filled in my brows and if i could do it to her brows i gave her this kit. I didn’t use it anymore so she could have it.


Then this Mascara that she took from me without asking. I didn’t mind when i found out because i never used it anymore. It’s a waterproof one from Estee Lauder.

This is what’s inside my sisters makeup bag. Do you donate makeup that you don’t use anymore to anyone?

♥Lots of Love♥

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