How to make a portfolio.

For photography work or model work you need a portfolio. I needed one for photography school since that is my second choice of new study. In a few easy steps i will show you how i created my portfolio.


Step 1: Finding your favorite work.

Creating an album file on your computer where you put your favorite work in.

Step 2: Make a selection.

From the pictures you have put in there you are going to make an selection if you can only use a certain amount of pictures.


Step 3: How do you want to show your work?

How do you want to present your favorite work with the world. Is it a book like mine, a collage or a different way.

Book: How do you make a book? You can get a program and get it printed with a hard cover like mine or you can buy an empty book and print the pictures and put them in. It’s a little bit more expensive to get it printed with a hard cover like mine but it will last you longer.

Collage: Get a big piece of paper and print your favorite pictures. Put them on in the order you want them to be and glue them on. The risk with this is the glue. You can see the glue easily and it does not look professional that way.

Stap 4: Make the book/collage.

Mine was easy, in the program i just uploaded my work and put them in in the order i wanted them. Like a picture on the cover that my mom made of me taking pictures because it was for photography. You can also add your name or the tittle of your portfolio. When you are done you just order and pay and a few days later you have your portfolio.

Step 5: show it to the world.

Your not making a portfolio just for nobody to see it. In my case i had to show it in my interview to get accepted at the college.


Some of the pictures that are in the portfolio are in the article about my favorite pictures i took myself.

♥Lots of Love♥

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