Current favorite lipsticks.

today i am going to share my most worn lipsticks lately. I wear lipstick almost every single day so i always have favorites that change. These are my current favorites.



  • Hot Tahiti: This is my new MAC lipstick. I bought it in London and i wear it the most out of every lipstick in this post. This is the only red colour the rest is nude/pink.
  • Faux: The well known nude. This is the one i take with me when i don’t know which lipstick i want to wear. This lipstick goes with every look.



  • Stockholm: This is the first colour i took when i bought them. This is a brown nude. These colors last all day.
  • Tokyo: This is a light pink. I put this on when i want a lip colour that is not that in your face but still a little colour.
  • Istanbul: This looks the same as Tokyo if you look at the packaging but in real life it is darker than Tokyo.


These are my current most worn lipsticks. What is your favorite lipstick at the moment?

♥Lots of Love♥

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