Way’s i fill in my eyebrows (different ways)

I have a few different ways of doing my eyebrows. I normally use a powder and a clear gel or i will use a gel. I don’t use a pen to fill in my brows because i find that to hard.




First one if you have a nice full brow yourself you can use a clear gel (yes this one was once clear) This way your eyebrows stay in place all day. I use this on days i don’t really want to wear makeup and i only wear a little bit mascara and this gel.


You can easily apply this with this brush. As you can see i also use this one for when i fill in my eyebrows with a powder so that it stays in place all day. You just brush thru your eyebrows, it’s that easy.


Here i used it to get the hairs in place.


The second one is a tinted gel. This gives your eyebrows a little bit more volume and gives the hairs a little bit more colour. This way your eyebrows look fuller with just using this simple product.


This is the GimmeBrow by Benefit but you can get them way cheaper. This has a smaller brush than the clear brush so it’s easier to apply because you need to be more precisely than the clear gel.


Here i only used the benefit GimmeBrow.


Next one is this kit from Benefit, it;s the BrowZings. This has a gel and a powder in it. First you apply the gel to give your eyebrow the shape you want them to be and then you fill the spares in with the powder.


This comes with two little brushes you can use to apply it with and a tweezer. I normally use this one for parties because this one is a little bit too much for me personally on a daily basis.


Here i first used the gel to give my eyebrow more shape and then filled in the rest with the powder.


This one is the one i use most of the days. It’s a brow powder duo from Anastasia. You only need a little bit of the product to fill in your brows.


Here you see the two powders. As you can see i only used a little bit even tho i use it for the past 4/5 months on almost a daily basis.


Here i mixed the two powders together and filled in my brows.


The last one i am going to show you is using eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is a great way to fill in your eyebrows. I use this when i am on a trip/holiday so you don’t have to bring a separate product for your eyebrows.


I use the second one from right, called Primal. this one is a perfect match for me.


Here you see the result of me using the eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows.


These are the two tools i use to fill in my eyebrows. A brush to get the little hairs into place before filling in the brows. If you don;t want to buy a brush like that or you can’t find one you can use a brush from an old mascara after washing it. The brush i use to actually fill in my brows is one from Catrice. I think it’s a perfect size to fill in my brows with.

What do you use to fill in your brows or don’t you fill them in i would like to know.

that’s what i use to fill in my brows. I know that most of the products are pretty expensive but i know that there are good dupes on the market from most of the products. Just look at brands like Catrice, Makeup Revolution, Etc and you will find good brow products as well for a good price. If you want to fill in your brows with powder you can also buy a mono eyeshadow that matches your right colour.

♥Lots of love♥

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