MAC lipstick in Hot Tahiti


When i was in London i bought some new makeup. Today a blogpost about my new MAC lipstick i bought when i was in London.


I bought my first Glaze lipstick. I have Satin and Matte lipsticks from MAC in my stash but i never bought a glaze lipstick. I went with ‘Hot Tahiti’.



The glaze lipsticks are very moisturizing for your lips. That’s why they don’t have a staying power like a matte lipstick or a satin lipstick and the colour is not as pigmented on the lips. That does not mean that they are bad lipsticks, not at all. They still have a pretty long staying power and the colour fades nicely.


The lipstick is pretty dark. On your lips it is a little bit lighter than in the packaging. That is because it is a glaze lipstick. I like the glaze lipsticks because they give you a nice colour that lasts pretty long but they moisturize your lips at the same time.


This is a swatch so you can see the colour. I love this colour i can’t have enough lipsticks like this in my stash.

♥Lots of love♥



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