Makeup products i bought again.


I think we all have had this, buying a makeup product again because you love it so much. At least i did. Today i will show you which products i bought again and why i bought them again.


First up is my beloved pressed blot powder by MAC. This is the first powder that really did what i wanted. I always got oily skin after just an hour or so with all the powders i have tried. This one does not do that. It makes my skin matt for a few hours.

As you can see my first one is not completely empty yet but i do have a new one already. That’s because we don’t have a store in our town that sells MAC.


This Essence blush is up next. This is just a very subtle colour and i took it with me on every holiday. That leeds us to the story of me buying it again. I had one and it was almost empty but i wanted to use it completely before buying it again. That’s when i dropped it on holiday and it was completely broken. That’s why i bought it again.


Now on to the eyeshadow base from Catrice. I used the one from Essence before this one but it was just orange that’s when my search to a new one started. After that i had the eyeshadow base from Catrice in a little container but that one is replaced by this one. I have to say that this one is even better than the old formula.


This is the best budget eyebrow gel i have tried. You can see which one i am using at the moment. The clear gel turned a little brown but it still works very well. This is my 3th one already and i have a back up ready to use when i am out of this one.


The last one is my Benefit They’re Real mascara. I am using my 2nd one at the moment. This mascara is doing a good job at giving my eyelashes volume and length and give the eyelashes a little bit of a curl.

Did you buy a makeup product again because you loved it so much? If you did which product, i would love to know.

♥Lots of Love♥

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