Makeup Revolution Blush palette in Golden Sugar.


Here it is the Blush palette in Golden Sugar. In my previous post i wrote about the Ultra Contour palette and said i also bought the blush palette.



This palette has baked blushes, highlighters and bronzers in it. It even has  a matt bronzer in it to shape your face. For the rest you have 1 matt blush and the rest has a little shimmer in it. I really love these colors.

I realized that i always picked the same blushes in my stash and wanted a few new ones so i can clean my stash out and give a few away that i never use anymore. Recently i am more of using the palettes that have multiple uses, so palettes that have a blush,bronzer and highlighter in them for example. This is the perfect palette for me because it has brushes, highlighters and bronzers in them.


Here you can see these beautiful powders up close. Even the pattern in the baked powders is beautiful to look at.


The first row. Here you can see how beautiful the highlighter in this palette is. The two blushes and the bronzer is also very pigmented.


Here is the bottom row of the palette. It has some beautiful bronzers and blushes.

I am very happy with this palette. I think i am going to be using this one very often. All the powders are very pigmented and have a great quality. Like i said in my last post about the Ultra Contour palette is that the packaging and the quality of the products are very high for the price you pay. This palette has the same price as the Ultra Contour palette. In the Netherlands you can get it at selected Etos drugstores for about €12/13,-.

Ps: Makeup Revolution is a English brand and at the moment i am on my way to London for a few days so keep an eye on my blog and youtube for more great english makeup.

♥See you Soon♥

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