Beauty blender


I finally got myself a beauty blender. I wanted one of these for a while now but the only store that sells it here in the Netherlands never had them when i was there. When i was in the normal drugstore i saw that they just got them in and asked if i could buy one already, thank god i could because i was afraid that if i couldn’t they would have been sold out the next time i would have a look.


A nice thing is that they are cheaper in the drugstore than that other store so it was a win win. The beauty blender is pretty small when you buy it. I never realized that until i saw this one.


Here you see the beauty blender when it is wet. As you can see it is a lot bigger than before when it is dry.


With the beauty blender you get a little booklet with steps you can follow for using the beauty blender.

One of the tips is air drying the beauty blender by putting it on top of the box it comes in. This way the beauty blender can dry and get back to the small size and fall back into the box.

♥See you Soon♥

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