Favorite pictures i look myself.

I love to take pictures. That’s why i have a lot of them. Today i will show you my favorites.

I will put them into categories like; product pictures, concerts, holiday.

First up product pictures. I take them very often for my blog so that’s why i think i have the most pictures of products. I do have a few favorites.


First up this one from a Max Factor lipstick. I don’t know what i like about it but i do like the picture. I think it’s the brightness of the lipstick and the surrounding is a little bit blurry.


Then this one from my Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. I like that the Bronzer is the center of attention.


Then this one from my Chanel foundation. I just love this picture.


The last one in this categorie is this picture of my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. I love the contrast in this picture.

Next categorie is concerts. I like to go to them and the times i am aloud to bring my camera i do.


First up is this one from a Only Seven Left concert. I just love the emotion on their faces.


Then this one from the very last concert of Destine. Just again i love the emotion of his face in this picture.


The next one is from the same concert from Only Seven Left. I just love the brightness of this picture.


Another one from the last concert of Destine. I don’t think this one needs a explanation. Just look at his face and that’s enough.


Last one from the Only Seven Left concert. Because i am not aloud to take my camera to every concert i go to i have a lot of favorite pictures from the same concert. I just think this one is funny. The same moment comes back in their vlog.


Then this one from Popronde. This is during the band A Polaroid View. Popronde is a festival that travels all the way trough The Netherlands.


Last one is this one from Call It Off. They where the support act for the last concert of Destine.

Then the last categorie, holidays. I actually only have pictures from the last holiday we went on because that’s the only holiday i have pictures from on this laptop.


first up this one from a plane that is used during a war. The place we went to had these planes flying around all the time so i bought this one in black and white.


I just love that the flowers are very clear and the background blurry.


This bird was just sitting right for it. It stayed like this for a while just like it was a model.


I just like the contrast that is going on in this picture.


And last but not least this picture. I just like the shadows in the picture.

These are my favorite pictures i look myself.

♥Lots of Love♥

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