Products i use on a minimal makeup day.


Sometimes you just don’t want to use a lot of make-up, but you don’t want to go out of the door without make-up. Today i show you the products i use during those days.

I skip foundation and go straight to concealer. Normally i use 2 different concealers but on days like this i only use one. I use the on in my skin color. This because otherwise you see lighter spots on my face. The one i use is one from L’Oreal Paris. It’s the true match concealer.


I apply this on under my eyes and on spots that i might have. I blend them with my finger of a real techniques brush.

After my concealer i put powder on the spots that i applied my concealer to. I also powder my t-zone just because i can get oily really fast.


I apply the powder with the buffing brush from real techniques or the little applicator that comes with the powder.

After powder i apply a little bit of blush. I normally go with this one from L’Oreal Paris. It’s a pretty pink with a little bit of a shimmer in it. This way you don’t need to apply highlighter because the blush already has shimmer in it.


I apply this blush with a blush brush from Real Techniques.

Now on to my eyebrows. On days like this i just apply my Benefit Gimmebrow.


This tinted brow gel tints the hairs a little and gives them shape. This way you don’t have to apply powder and then a gel on top. It just saves time.

Last but not least the eyes. On days like this i don’t create a eyeshadow look i just wet a brush a little and create a subtle eyeliner with eyeshadow.


I go for one of these two colors from the Urban Decay Naked2 basics palette.

After that i apply some mascara. I use the Benefit They’re Real mascara just like always.


I just apply one layer with this mascara and that completes the look.

♥See you Soon♥


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