Solving your Bra-plems with ThirdLove.

I think we all have had some issues with our bras sometimes, i have had them as well. Today i will share some of my bra problems or should i say bra-plems and give you some tips on how to avoid them. ThirdLove helped me with some tips so first a little information about them. Ps at the end of the post you will find a discount code so you can shop your perfect bra at ThirdLove.



ThirdLove believes fit comes first. Everyone has felt awkward during fittings in the shops. ThirdLove has the solution. They have created a patented technology that let’s you find the perfect bra size at home by using their mobile app. You just follow the few easy steps in the app and after that you get a email with your perfect bra size. The great thing  is that ThirdLove even works with 1/2 sizes this way you get your perfect fit.


Let’s get started with the common problems and tips. I will share 4 bra-plems and tips on how to fix them.

1.Slipping straps.

Don’t you hate the slipping strap and having to put them back on constantly? I have some tips on avoiding this.

What you probably didn’t think about is that as we wear the bra the strap starts to stretch-out. What you want to do is tighten the strap every ones in a while like perhaps every month.

If that does not prevent your straps from slipping off you might want to look at different bra styles. Think about Full coverage, Semi or convertible bras they have the narrowest set of straps that will help them to stay on your shoulders.

2.Band riding up.

Yes, i have had this one a few times the last few months. The band creating up your back.

It’s time to buy a smaller and tighter band size. But if you do, remember to get a cup size bigger for a good fit. For example: your old bra is a 36C, your new bra size should be 34D.

Wear your new bra on the loosest hook so if it is stretching out you can wear it tighter every time, This way you can enjoy the bra longer.


Use the ThirdLove app to find your perfect bra size

3.Straps digging in.

This one is so annoying. It hurst your shoulders. It makes you want to take off your bra the moment you come home.

The straps should not do the work, your band should do most of the work. If you have this problem it’s probably because your band is stretched out or your band is too big. If you have this problem it’s time to buy a new bra.

4.Cup gaping.

Remember your boobs are sisters not twins. This means they are not the same. A lot of times one boob is a little bigger than the other one. These tips can help you from having a gaping cup.

A lot of times tightening the straps or just one strap is the only thing you need to do. If that does not help try going down a cup size. If one cup smaller is a step too far try one of the half sizes from ThirdLove.

Maybe the type of bra you are wearing is not doing the job for you. Try a Plunge or a Push-up. These cups are angled and tend to be cut a little smaller than other styles.


I hope you learned something to avoid the annoying Bra-plems. ThirdLove was kind enough to send me a discount code for you guys. The code is BRABLEMS and gives you a 15% discount on your order.



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