3 pairs of favorite shoes.


I have a lot of shoes but there are 3 pairs that i wear all the time. These are the shoes i wore the most during the cold or colder days.

First up my Uggs. I never really liked them but when i tried them on i was sold. They are so conferrable that you don’t even care what they look like anymore.


I have these dark brown ones. I liked the light brown ones better but my sister already has them so that would get confusing.


The next pair of shoes are my Dr. Martens i love them. I wanted them for a long time but never had the money. 2 years ago my mom said, okay because you pay all your shoes yourself you get them from me.


The first few times that you wear them will be a little painful but ones that is over they are amazing to walk on. I have to wear all black shoes to work so these are the shoes i wear most of the time.


The last pair are a little bit more affordable. They are from primark. I saw almost the same ones at Dr. Martens and everyone thinks they are Dr. Martens.


They are very conferrable to walk on. They look painful to walk in but that’s not true at all.


These are my favorite pairs of shoes at the moment.

♥Lots of Love♥

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