Music Monday #6: my guitar stuff

I play guitar since i was 12 years old. Was in a band for almost 3 years and now i play sometimes just for fun.

The first guitar i got was this acoustic guitar. I got it for my birthday.


It’s a Cort. I don’t know the model anymore since i got it for my birthday and it’s a long time ago.


The first guitar i bought myself is the Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I just went for the black one with gold details.


I bought this in Germany in the Music Store. That’s a really big music store.


The last guitar i bought is this Fender Telecaster. It’s a silver with black one.


This is my favorite guitar that i have.


I also have a bass. I bought it together with the Fender.


It’s just this basic one. It’s the house brand from the Music Store.


I have two amps. I have a Orange and a Fender.

The first one i bought was the Fender Mustang I. I bought it together with the Epiphone Les Paul.


This is just a basic amp and does not have a lot of effects on it.


The one i bought together with the Fender and bass is my little Orange amp.


I bought it because i needed a amp that was easy to take with me to band practice.


Then i have these stands for all of my guitars. They are just the most basic ones from Music Store.


Because my Fender did not fit in the bag i had for my Epiphone i had to buy a new one. I went for a flightcase from Fame.


This one was specially made for a Telecaster so my guitar is protected when taking it with me.


Besides this i have two bags one for my Epiphone and one for my acoustic guitar but i could not find them.

♥Lots of love♥



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