High-end Stash flash.


The second stash flash. Today it’s all about my high-end products.

The first brand that i will show you is Urban Decay. I have 4 of their products. 3 eyeshadow palettes and 1 setting spray.

First of all the All Nighter Setting Spray. I recently bought it online.


I always wanted to try a setting spray and decided to get the Urban Decay one. I have used it daily and i love it, it really does lock your make-up so it stays on all day.

Next up is my Urban Decay Naked2 basics palette. I got this one for christmas last year.


It’s a perfect palette to take with you on a holiday or a little get away.


Next up are my 2 big Naked palettes. I have Naked2 and Naked Smoky.

The first one that i bought is Naked2. I bought it in France 2 years ago.


I always wanted one of these palettes but you couldn’t buy it in The Netherlands. That’s why i bought in it France and have used it a lot since then.


My last Urban Decay product is Naked Smoky. The newest in the Naked collection. Since i saw it on the internet i needed to have it.


You can create nude and smoky looks with it so it’s a really nice palette to have in your stash.


The next brand is Chanel. I have 3 products from Chanel. I have 1 foundation and 2 lipsticks.

First up the foundation. I have the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation.


This is a water based foundation. The coverage is not full but enough to cover up redness.

I have 2 lipsticks from Chanel. The first one that i bought is number 37.


This is a beautiful pink color.


The last products that i have is the same lipstick in number 43.


This is a beautiful pink with a little bit of orange in it.


Next up is MAC. I have 3 lipsticks and 1 powder from MAC.

First up is my Pressed Blot powder.


This is the facial powder i use daily. This is just a matt powder.


The first lipstick that i bought is a matt lipstick in the color All Fired Up.


It’s a beautiful red color.


The next one i bought is a Satin finish one. It’s the color Faux.


This is a nude color.


The last lipstick i bought was another Satin finish. It’s the color Captive.


This is a red/purple color.


Next up is NARS, i have one product and it’s the Blush Orgasm.


It’s a beautiful pink blush with a gold shimmer in it.


Next up my favorite eyebrow product. My Anastasia Brow Powder Duo.


It’s a beautiful powder that has 2 colors. You only need a little bit because it’s really pigmented.


Now the brand Leco. It’s a brand from a famous Dutch make-up artist. I have his Body Shimmer.I use it as a highlighter.


You only need a little bit because it’s really glittery.

Last but not least is my Estée Lauder lipstick.


I have a beautiful nude colour. A nice little detail is that it closes as a magnet.


These are all my high-end products i have right now. I know it’s a long article but i just wanted to show all of them in 1 article.

♥Lots of Love♥

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